Marnie AulabaughCreative Director

    Marnie Aulabaugh is a creative director, art director, copywriter, project manager and free-thinker of extraordinary ability. Her career spans 22 years working in design, marketing and related fields with a wide range of clients and industries. Marnie specializes in thinking creatively about her clients’ challenges and their products and forging the resulting ideas into unique, professional, communicative solutions. Her experience ranges from Fortune 500 clients to small companies and from graphic identity systems to a wide range of event collateral. Jobs she has excelled at since she was 13: babysitter, travel agency delivery person, video store clerk, aerobics instructor, fraternity and sorority party photographer, marketing manager, creative director, business owner, and Girl Scout Troop Leader. She is a certified automotive gear-head and will, when coerced, lead a crowd in belly-busting crunches.