Creative and Data

by Lisa Holland

How would you describe creativity? For most people, words such as independent, imaginative, artful, provocative, expressive or bold come to mind. Rarely is the word data associated with or used anywhere near the word creative. As a result those who spend their days toiling in the realm of facts and figures are considered to be productive and intelligent, but probably not particularly creative. But as the stakes are raised even higher in competing for consumer’s attention, marketers are recognizing the need to marry the creatives with the data crunchers. As a result these new hybrid-marketing teams have developed uniquely successful campaigns.

Utilization of big data has enabled the industry to shape complex new ideas, drive mass engagement and tell a more powerful story than ever before. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (otherwise known as the granddaddy in recognition of excellence in brand marketing) is launching an award category this year specifically to recognize these new teams. The Creative Data Lions, will celebrate the influence data has on the creative execution of a brand campaign. It will be fascinating to see its inauguration and who the judges select as winners in this premier category.

So to all you number crunchers and analysts out there, don’t let yourselves be pigeonholed. You’re just as valuable to the success of a marketing campaign as the guy with designer in his title. Seek out opportunities to work together and create something great.