What are the event whisperers?
We love to share our insights.

The Event Whisperers is a consulting firm. Leveraging our team’s deep event experience, we provide guidance and direction for any event scenario, whether that’s sorting out the most complex logistical issues, developing a solution path, laying out the complete road map for your team to execute or engaging our network of seasoned event professionals to perform that crucial task, The Event Whisperers will support you to ensure your event delivers.

As an experienced team of pros who have done just about everything- from early tech product launches to national market entries, lavish international galas, PR stunts with crowds of many thousands to intimate meetings for a few top executives.

In the process we’ve learned a lot, logistics, budgets, team management, measuring results,
pitching new ideas successfully, working collaboratively with other agencies, scaling up, scaling down, delivering what we promise.

Now we’re interested in helping you figure it out. Most of our best clients first came to us with a problem, a crisis, a new situation they didn’t have experience with, demands that took them out of their comfort zone. We’ve gotten really good at listening, understanding,
identifying opportunities and solving problems.

We think ideas should be proven before tried, theories tested before launched.
We think teams should be deployed to succeed, and all opinions heard. We know we can help your event be better.

“The personal interaction and the ability to extend what we’ve learned to benefit others is where we find job satisfaction.”

What we offer.


Every job begins with an audit. We need to hear your stories. We need to know history as well as aspirations. We will listen, and ask a lot of questions.


How will you measure success? How do you make decisions? What are your priorities? Is your message clear? Do you know your audience and how to reach them? Do you have the right team, staff, consultants, agencies, in place? What legal hurdles do you face? Do you have a PR plan that includes social media and press? Are you trying to do too much? Is your budget sufficient? Is there another solution you haven’t considered?


We have always excelled at creative solutions and we draw on a vast range of experiences. We will outline opportunities and identify obstacles. We will help you understand where your event and your team fit in the broad world of possibilities, with whom you compete, with whom you compare, how you will stand out and reach your audience with measurable results. We’ll look at bids you receive and help you compare proposals.


We will help you lay out a plan, with a timeline, budget and deliverables. We’ll help you assemble a team, using your own internal resources and augmented with others as needed, introduce you to new resources, accompany you to meetings with vendors and on site inspections.
Associations and Non-Profits

Associations and Non-Profits

We understand how to conform to a mission statement. We can help you raise more money. We can help you present to a board or committee. We know how to leverage your board and community contacts. We can talk to the mayor or your senator. We know how to manage celebrities and organize a silent auction. We can help you create an event that inspires, entertains, teaches, informs and promotes networking.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

We understand you at the local level and on a global scale. We can talk to your CEO. We can work with your existing agencies. We can sort through 80 page budgets and save you money. We can help you reorganize, set new goals, try things that go beyond your current areas of expertise. We know how to book headliner talent and compelling speakers, add some dazzle, inspire emotion that moves your audience. We can show you how to make a seven thousand person general session feel intimate and lay out an expo so it’s easy to navigate. We can coach your executives and make your presentations better. We know how to produce great media and we know that the audience experience depends on what they see on screen regardless of who’s on stage. We know great food and service, upscale trends and classic style.

Event Planners and Producers

Event Planners and Producers

We can help you land new business. We know how to grow your organization and offer new services. We can make you more nimble. We can straighten out misunderstandings and job conflicts. We can help you with a troublesome account. We can teach you about technology, and art. We can enhance your creativity and improve your bottom line.

Start Ups

Start Ups

Start ups have a unique set of needs and pressures that require agility and discipline. Fast growth, fierce competition, investor pressures, building effective management while acquiring customers, working with agencies and consultants and the scrutiny of the market all have to be balanced and aligned with plans and goals. We are adept at supporting and teaching new teams, we understand driven, we know how to manage pressure. We’ve launched hundreds of companies and dozens of products, many of them market leaders today.

Anything you can think of, we can do.

How we work.

You can pay by the hour, or by the job, or put us on retainer.  We’ll outline a scope of work and a time frame. We will come to meet you, at your office or on site for an event. We can share files on line and we always answer the phone. We won’t do more than we’re asked to do, we’ll tell you the truth, and we won’t charge you more than we’ve agreed upon unless you change the scope of work and we both agree.

Why do we call ourselves event whisperers?

We have insights that come from broad and deep experience. We have faced every challenge and worked all over the globe. We have struggled with start up clients trying to make their mark, helped big companies become more nimble, followed customers from firm to firm, worked with our competitors, won awards, run our own facilities, worked in every industry. We recognize patterns quickly and can apply our experience to solve problems.

Why we work?

We have produced everything we ever imagined and worked with many bold name clients- some before they were famous, many at their peak. We find the intellectual challenges and creative constraints of our work the most interesting, and while we still produce events, it isn’t what drives us anymore.

We offer services for any budget and can quickly provide a quote for you that we guarantee.

We’d love to hear from you.

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